Being successful in the biotech industry requires the need to find better, more efficient and productive methodologies to achieve the established goals.  

Why consider Sierra Vista Biotech Consulting (SV BC) to assist you in your process development, commercialization, and manufacturing of biotech products?  

SV BC can:
    •  bring you new perspectives;
    •  challenge you to think and view problems differently; and
    •  provide a sound basis for developing cost effective, new therapies.

Our knowledge and experience in the use of ‘tools,’ such as Quality by Design (QbD), Process Analytical Technology (PAT), Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Continuous Improvement (CI), and keeping a clear focus on the End-in-Mind (EIM) will have a positive impact on your development programs.  Additionally, our experience in training members of the biotech community, at all levels, will facilitate the propagation of information and knowledge making your organization stronger and more capable of efficient development in future projects.

Sierra Vista Biotech Consulting will provide you with the opportunity for a free introductory discussion to determine our capability to assist you and to evaluate our compatibility with your organization and needs.

Thanks for visiting Sierra Vista Biotech Consulting.

Fred S. Larimore, PhD
Principal Consultant

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